Our Story

It started with dollar bills at our founder’s bachelor party. Not for exotic dancers (So cliche’), but to gamble on anything, anywhere, at any time. They bet on eating cake, drinking, darts, movies, foosball, starting a fire, and too many other things to remember or keep track of.

Little did they know, what they were doing (Social Gambling) was actually illegal in most states. Hence, the quest began….

He searched high and low, all over the interweb, The Google, under his bed and in between the couch cushions and to no avail. He did find things that were fun, you could bet on, chat with friends, and were legal in the USA, but nothing that would satiate the recreational gamblers thirst to win, banter, and relive their childhood where everyone said “iBetcha you can’t or won’t do it”

After looking at The Candy Crowd, Draft Dudes, The Wagerers, Zensters, and The Facebook; among others, and he had an epiphany! NO ONE is connecting the dots or completing the circle. He thought to himself since it doesn’t exist, I shall make it, this is the way!

With iBETcha you can bet on anything, anywhere, at any time. iBits are free to earn, you cannot buy them, however you can win them (except when you lose). By removing money from the equation, and making it free to play, it’s not gambling. It’s life, and we’ve gamified it. You don’t pay to win, you play to win and we have some of the best prizes coming soon.