It started with dollar bills at our founder’s bachelor party. Not for exotic dancers (So cliche’), but to gamble on anything, anywhere, at any time. They bet on eating cake, drinking, darts, movies, foosball, starting a fire, and too many other things to remember or keep track of.
Little did they know, what they were doing (Social Gambling) was actually illegal in most states. Hence, the quest began….

He searched high and low, all over the interweb, The Google, under his bed and in between the couch cushions and to no avail. He did find things that were fun, you could bet on, chat with friends, and were legal in the USA, but nothing that would satiate the recreational gamblers thirst to win, banter, and relive their childhood where everyone said “iBetcha you can’t or won’t do it”

After looking at The Candy Crowd, Draft Dudes, The Wagerers, Zensters, and The Facebook; among others, and he had an epiphany! NO ONE is connecting the dots or completing the circle. He thought to himself since it doesn’t exist, I shall make it, this is the way!

With iBETcha you can bet on anything, anywhere, at any time. iBits are free to earn, you cannot buy them, however you can win them (except when you lose). By removing money from the equation, and making it free to play, it’s not gambling. It’s life, and we’ve gamified it. You don’t pay to win, you play to win and we have some of the best prizes coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

iBETcha is a P2P social betting app platform that lets you iBet on anything, anywhere at any time.

You can sign up with the following: Apple, Facebook or Google ID’s

18…if you can vote…you can iBet.

NO (with a capital N and capital O). You can iBet and win in game currency called IBits, and then possibly win Ginormous prizes.

You’ll be granted a certain number of iBits upon signing up. From there, you can begin to Gamify your life!

We will make fun of you, and after you email us why you think you will be more successful with your next iBet, we will most likely extend you additional iBits. If you continue to run out of iBits, because you make bad decisions/choices/iBets, we will make more fun of you and send you a dirty t-shirt that is three sizes too small for you, with a lollipop. You will then be allowed to wear that t-shirt, as you’re a sucker (Lollipop signifies the sucker in you). Please do not make us send you the t-shirt, and lollipop, we’re a start-up and times are tough.

iBits are our in-game currency. You can use them to keep track of where you stand on your iBets either with the house and/or with your friends on iBETtcha.

As iBits are accrued you can use them for in app contests, promotions and offers. Based on the number of iBits you have, you will be eligible for contests and awards of greater value.

Trust us, YOU want ‘em!

No, that wouldn’t be fair and could be considered gambling in some states.

Yes, of course it is. iBETcha is completely legal in all 50 United States and additional countries where the app is offered.

If you can download and use iBetcha from the App Store or Google then it’s legal.

We’re smart, we checked the interweb!

Anything. If you can dream it…you can iBet on it!

You can iBet on all sporting events, awards shows, pop culture etc.

Award Shows

You can also use iBetcha to make bets with your friends on, well…anything.

I bet you can’t eat this pizza in 20 minutes? I mean come on, who can’t?

iBETcha I can beat you in a race around the block?

Put your iBits where your mouth is, put up or shut up, put some skin in the game, You afraid to lose? Gonna run crying home? Baby need a bottle?

(Post on your socials, move up levels, become a legend, and win big prizes)

iBets you make up, are ones that we have not posted and are not pre-filled in the iBETcha app. Philosophically, you can bet on anything, anywhere, at any time. Your mind and that of your foe is the only limitation. Custom iBets; the winner is decided between the iBettors and if not, it will need to be adjudicated.

You control your privacy. It depends on the settings you chose in your account and when making iBets. You do you, we won’t judge

It depends on your level within the game. Some bets we @iBETcha will make a decision, some bets you can choose others to do it for you. We will work with you so you do not feel cheated, disheartened or abandoned. We are here for you.

One. Duth.

If you’re gamifying your life with iBetcha, you already have thick skin. However, if you think it’s getting out of hand, are feeling bullied, persecuted beyond the iBet or in the forum etc. Please alert us. Our community is based and predicated on a fun, bantering, bragging environment that promotes inclusiveness. Don’t be a jerk!