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Bet On Anything.

Anywhere. Anytime.

At the game? Just got a gut feeling? No problem! Now you can bet from anywhere, anytime with the all-new iBETcha mobile betting platform! With the iBETcha mobile platform you’ll enjoy the safety and convenience of at-home betting when you’re on the go! Try it out today and you’ll never miss another winning bet!

Welcome to iBETcha

Don’t pay to win,
play to win!

With the iBETcha mobile platform, your money is no good here. Through our in-game currency called iBits you back up your predictions, challenge your friends and hopefully come out a winner. iBits have no value, cannot be bought, sold or traded. However, when you amass enough of a bankroll, you can start winning prizes ranging from a gift card or T-shirt to exotic trips, tickets to the big game or flight upgrades. iBETcha and your iBits allow you to live the baller lifestyle and costs you nothing.

Invite friends, win iBits, move up levels!

Although we are free to play, we want you to win and more importantly, be seen as a winner. In the coming weeks we will launch five different levels. You can move up levels, by winning iBets, inviting friends, posting your success, placing video iBets (Can you jump the Grand Canyon, iBETcha ya can’t; and shouldn’t, and do not try this at home) or pictures that prove you are a winner. Start a group “Yankee Fans for Life” or “Sox till we die”, put together a group bet, and again, you are rewarded with more and more iBits. This is life and we have gamified it .

We Triple Dog Dare you, to not like us.

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